Day One – second 4 hours


As soon as I finished the last post I dumped the wine. $16 down the drain – literally. It was a good thing too. I would be starting to sip away by now because I feel like crap. Checking in with myself      HALT

Hungry: yes!!

Angry: yes, guy I’d been seeing for 3 months decided to end it.

Lonely – yes! see above

Tired – very, lack of good sleep from too much wine last night duh.

I rewarded myself with lunch and fixed the Hungry. I told myself as I sat down to eat that this was my reward for dumping the wine down the drain.

BLT Bites – The last of my homegrown tomatoes filled with  mayo, parmesan, bacon & parsley.097

White Chili – Mrs. Grimes has a new bean. White Chili beans in Chili Sauce. They are good just right out of the can, but I added some chicken broth, green chilies, onion, garlic & let one corn tortilla dissolve in the soup to thicken it up.


Then I made myself eat at the dining room table & use a placemat. This was one of the tips from Marianne Williamson’s book – A Course in Weight Loss. I love that book.


Next goal: 4 more hours. Assessing my feelings between sad, mad or glad – I’m SAD. For the next 4 hours of not choosing to drink I want to read & take a nap. So SAD & TIRED needs to have a comforting reward.

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