Day One – first 4 hours


Struggling to get past day one, again.

Those who use rewards to celebrate staying sober do better.

Adding one more thing to the toolbox each time you fail is supposed to help.

I need to go out to the garage and dump the wine down the drain. It’s 8:30 in the morning and if I don’t dump it now I will start drinking by noon like I did yesterday.

I’m going to try the treats and my newest tool will be this blog.

Goal for the next 4 hours….dump the wine….and reward myself for doing that.

Wish me luck………..

One thought on “Day One – first 4 hours

  1. Glad I found you blog on here. it looks like we started our journey around the same time. I stopped drinking in November of 2014. I have mad it to 64 days with out and relapse as I go along. I like the idea of treating yourself when you make it though a day. I’m gonna stay on you and follow to see how it goes, best of luck to becoming sober for good!

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