Day 2 – Go-To List


Barely made it through yesterday, day two, due to lots of commitments. I did not plan a reward because I couldn’t think of anything the day before. This is a horrible excuse! As I was scouring the kitchen I finally decided to have some lemonade. I made an intention & said ” This is my reward for getting through a busy day.”  Sounds silly but it did actually help.

The reason I started this blog is simply to work on rewards. Being kind to myself is not something I do. I can remember the first time in 4th grade when a nurse made a comment about my weight and I became self- aware. I realized people were actually looking at me and judging me. Sheesh, its even painful to think about now!

Defining treats, using them as rewards and honoring myself with them is the mission for the blog. I hope to create a go-to list of ideas that I can pull up on a bad day ( or a glad day or a sad day and especially a sober day!) and add more love & meaning to my life.

*Update – got my go-to lists started & added it to the tabs above 🙂 Now I have a place to catalog my ideas.

2 thoughts on “Day 2 – Go-To List

  1. What a great way to go about this.. I love that you are able to so quickly grasp on to the idea of treating your self.. I am also no good what so ever at giving myself slack let alone treats.. You sound so great.. I am glad you are here..


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