Day 3 – Tootsie Pop


“Hey Mr. Owl – How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? Let’s see – a one, a two, a three CRUNCH. Three.” Remember that commercial? That is exactly how I feel on day three’s. I’m good, I’m good, I’m good, I crack! I want there to be something more than the same thing day after day. Alcohol seemed to stir things up a little. I might watch a movie or favorite TV shows but add alcohol. I wouldn’t do anything different just get away from the boredom a little.

Changing patterns was the theme I heard from the universe today in my readings. I thought about getting a movie tonight, but I know that is a big trigger for me. It’s best to use the money I would have spent on wine and GO to the movie. (We are rather snowed in here so that isn’t an option tonight unfortunately.)

Yesterday my reward was taco salad. It has a sweet & spicy hot dressing and these classic taco chips.


I ate it while watching my favorite cooking shows.

Today I spent some time working on my rewards tabs on this site. I was surprised at the different kinds of rewards that appealed to me. I’m very excited about the 10 day sober reward of 10 different stems of flowers. I added a countdown counter to help encourage myself.

I’m feeling pretty on the edge today. I’m going to make a black olive curry appetizer and listen to my favorite podcast from Belle – the lighthouse one. I joined her 100 day jumpstart and the podcasts showing up every two days is the best! My intention will be: Sometimes days FEEL like this but remind yourself that today was a really GOOD day because you were sober.

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