Day 4 – Teeth Made of Skin?


Made it by the skin of my teeth. What a weird expression! If our grocery store didn’t close at 6 on Sundays it might have been different last night. I am very grateful to wake up not hungover this morning BUT now have to feel sad. At least a hangover was a distraction from emotions.

Meassages from the universe keep telling me that these days will be up & down but they will settle later. I can listen to the words of the universe or I can do it my way.

I have an easy supper ready to go after an extra long day of work today. My plan is that I will come home & eat before anything else. I think I should also take a quick shower & put on warm jammies right away to avoid the temptation to leave the house.

My reward tonight will be soft jammies, sitting in front of the fire & watching one hour of TV. My intention will be: A long day is rewarded with extra self-care.

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