Good Morning Day 4!


Monday morning. Not going to the office. Working from home so I can finish a load of laundry, a quick cleaning chore or start a loaf of bread in between work projects. Not spending 45 minutes in the car commuting. Kids last two days of school before break. Some quiet. 

My Sunday reward was clean sheets. Looove it! That’s a keeper! Another winning reward was Carr’s ginger lemon cream cookies. One small box was almost $4. Soooo worth it!

I have started using a time management method that I like. Monday thru Friday I have plotted three tasks each day to accomplish. On Friday I count how many were acheived. 12 out of 15 is a success. (Nine Minute Mondays by James Robbins blogged about this). For the things not achieved ask 3 questions. Did I schedule it? Was it realistic? Was I derailed?

I made a sheet for work, home chores, bills & to-do’s, and my hardest one – Sober Treats. I was successful in all but the treats. Very interesting. I had done a whole week of 3 treats a day. A cappuccino  or biscotti in the morning, going to bed early & reading at night, clean sheets 🙂 I did not give as much importance to my soberness as I did all the other jobs. I only did 3 out of 15 treats.

This weeks changes to sober treats are

  • Schedule it – the treats are in the day planner
  • Realistic – baking cookies from scratch is not a reward
  • Derailed – everything seemed to derail my treats – must put myself first!!!

Treats for today are

  1.  Cappuccino
  2. Go to my bedroom and read after lunch (& use a white strips on my teeth – bought a while ago & haven’t used yet)
  3. Use the free hair mask that came with the hair conditioner

* sleep is still sweaty & gross

3 thoughts on “Good Morning Day 4!

  1. cheryl

    yay to day 4! day 2 for me so i am enjoying reading your posts to keep me motivated as well. love the treats idea. we do have to put ourselves first and indulge a bit. thanks for the idea and hope.


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