Day 6 – One Week Eve


It’s Christmas Eve and the eve of me making it one whole week without drinking.

I looked at my treat list for today & realized it was blank. I quickly ran out and made a very rare second cup of Italian Roast coffee, had a piece of biscotti and gave myself a “selfie  high five” & “way to go girlfriend!” dance.

Three sober treats a day are working. Blogging and reading sober blogs are working.

But the number one factor has been stepping away from work for an extended period. I have been able to address one ginormous (giant + enormous) financial problem. I have also found the bottom of the to-do pile and everything has a home.

What this means to me is no more bill collectors calling. Period.

And when a piece of paper hits my home it has a place to live. No more will it accumulate on a counter or table top. (At least this week:))

Sober treats for today:

  • a goofy light book to read while eating cookies
  • Coffee & biscotti √
  • Driving after dark to see the Christmas lights

*sleep is better, feels like forever sine I quit drinking, evenings feel long, lots of cereal  & ice cream before bed & no weight gain. Craving salt – chinese & popcorn

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