A Merry Day 7


Gonna be a tough evening. Kids and I are watching a movie at home tonight. My favorite time to drink. Pizza, popcorn, wine, movie &  comfy pj’s. Aargh. Not going to dwell on it this afternoon.

Plan: start movie early enough that I am not exhausted and let my guard down.

2 thoughts on “A Merry Day 7

  1. cheryl

    get yourself a glass of something non alcoholic> put it in a wine glass if you have to so it seems like “normal” tv watching. i am only on day 5 and have yet to feel the urge but have not really been out and about much. but i would normally drink at home last night on christmas eve when i was home alone. (hubby is firefighter so worked 24 hrs) but i did some brief shopping after work, made some fudge and kept my hands busy. and it worked. so hang in there and dont dwell on what you cant have but instead be in the moment with your kids and the movie and enjoy them for what they are. you will feel like heaven in the morning.
    good luck and merry sober christmas to us both!


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