Day 13 – SuperMom is a Choice

Yoga Dog

Yoga Dog

10 Day Reward Flowers

10 Day Reward Flowers

Having a bad day? Watch a video about pets “helping” their owners do yoga. Good for one of those can’t breathe, tears roll down your face funny things. In real life, not really funny, but when your emotions are at their peak, just gets stupid hilarious.

Having my treats in order yesterday was a fantastic idea. Somehow when my kitchen is not picked up I don’t want to order pizza. It feels like I have two problems. One – a messy counter. Two – ordering out is a failure at being a good Mom.

Good Parents make all homemade meals and take out is a treat. Bad Parents feed their kids take out ALL THE TIME because they are a failure. Where in the world did this screwy logic come from?!?

A short article piece once asked what was your favorite meal as a kid? One woman responded that her mother never, truly never, cooked. The two of them ate every meal out. Even toast and coffee in the morning. She said it was a wonderful experience because she had her mother’s full attention at every meal. Her mother didn’t grocery shop or do dishes. EVER. Doesn’t this sound amazingly cool!

I think the part that calls to me is the Mom’s attitude of – I choose my life. I choose to focus on my daughter. I choose to enjoy all the things that good food and good service make me feel. I do not choose to be SuperMom. I am a super Mom because I love myself. I choose a path that supports me.

Since I was 17 and in college, drinking every night has been my lifestyle choice. Focused on getting to the end of the day so I can relax with some wine has been my choice for 34 years.

There are tons of other rewards and treats out there. Far out treats. Crazy treats. Question how you’ve done everything treats. I’m kinda tired trying to be SuperMom.

Treat thoughts:

  • Flowers were fun!
  • Take out was a great plan for a hectic day.
  •  Tea  must quit picking this as a reward, just don’t go for it
  •  A second cup of coffee – yep!
  •  Road Trip – just a teeny tiny one
  •  Video game sports with kids – the jump around the house ones

*caught myself in the mirror a couple times and am noticing the puffiness in the face is going down, sleep is still a good hard 6.5 hours, chose a movie instead of tv to get out of my head for a while last night – great idea! Eating anything I want!

One thought on “Day 13 – SuperMom is a Choice

  1. Super mom is a lie.
    Kids just want present, rational mom.
    My greatest gift of sobriety has been noticing my children more. I was so focused on me, how I felt. What orhers thought of me.
    The kids just want security and kindness. Not sn overworked mom trying to make a 5 course meal and snapping their heads off!

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