Day 15 – A Creative 2015 Word of the Year


I haven’t figured out how to add hyperlinks yet. But thank you to Mished-up for the word of the year idea.

My first thought was – Word.

Writing, reading, learning. I just spent 4 hours writing randomly this morning and it’s 6:30 am. Two weeks ago I wrote a paragraph or two in my journal. All of a sudden (haha since I quit drinking) I can’t stop writing.

I feel like I am vomiting emotions and they need a place to land. I created two intense memoir essays this morning. I’m guessing this is not a new phenomenon for the newly sober. Feelings have been bottled (haha wine bottled) up.

I also want to explore my crafty side again by crocheting. There were some creative ideas for a Granny a Day on Pinterest. Somehow “Granny Square” as my word of the year didn’t cut it.

I don’t think nouns have the right feel. Not enough movement. Not creative enough. Not broad enough.

Definition of create (v) cre·ate [ kree áyt ]

  1. make something: to bring something into existence
  2. give rise to something: to result in something or make something happen
  3. produce inventions or art: to use imagination to invent things or produce works of art
  • Create a blog
  • Create Granny Squares
  • Creative Treats
  • Creative Ideas
  • Create Rewards
  • Create new routines

I’m liking it. ‘Create’ my 2015 Word of the Year.

Creative Treat Thoughts:

  • Create a writing/yarn/hobby Creative Room
  • Create thank you cards for Christmas with all those stamps and paper that are sitting in the drawer – Add them to the new Creative Room
  • Create a dining room filled with Legos, not work papers

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