Day 20 – Pruning


I have rearranged my Day10 reward flowers a couple times as stems have faded. I still have about half of them The last 20 days I have tried many new treats, rewards and lifestyle changes. Some were like the flowers that are showy & vibrant for a day or two and fade quickly, while other treats are constant and need little effort.

Flashy Treats:

  • The flowers – they are definately not an everyday effort but they do make an ongoing treat.
  • Rearranging living spaces. Took on a little much there. I love it but there are still incomplete piles to sort.
  • Cooking recipes. It’s too much effort right now, even though I love cooking.

Helpful easy treats:

  • Clean sheets on Sunday
  • Fancy cookies & coffee for breakfast in front of the fireplace
  • Reading in bed at night starting at 6:30
  • Movies in the afternoon – that was a surprise. Movies and drinking at night were such a habit. No cravings in the afternoon.
  • ABC food treats – (already been cooked) Take out, frozen meals, cookies from a bag.

I’m discovering the importance of getting out of my head. I’ve always done this with wine. Get all the voices in my head to shut up. The faster I shut them up the better.

Eating before I leave work so I wont come home crazy starving. I thought it was an alcohol craving but its hunger I’m feeling.

Getting to bed early with a great book. I thought it was wine craving at night but I’m starting to recognize what horrible tired symptoms I feel. I have restless leg syndrome and when I drank I didn’t have any pain. Now if  I  wait too long to lay down at night it’s painful.

Blogging has been a great outlet to get this crap out of my head and off my journal pages. There is something freeing in pushing “publish”.

3 thoughts on “Day 20 – Pruning

  1. Wow. Those are some really significabt insights into your actions.
    Have yiu heard of HALT? Hubgry angry lonely tired are the major triggers prople have.
    Sounds like you have recognized hunger and tired as two.

    Have you tried magnesium for restless leg? I use it before bed as a relaxation aid, but i have heard it is hrlpful for that too.

    I love reading your posts!



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