Day 24 – When is it over?


There seems to be two camps after early (or up to a year) sobriety.

  1. Giving back by sober blogging.
  2. Getting on with life and rarely blogging.

I wonder who I will be? I mean (yeah!) I  see my future as a non-drinking human,  but will I desire to stay connected to a part of the past? Will my non-drinking need to be  celebrated?

My sister had childhood cancer, my mother had breast cancer. While my sister was alive I did a lot of charity work for children’s cancer research. After she died I wanted no part of it. With my mom, we were all little at the time. This year was the first time we ever did anything. My mom wanted to walk in a breast cancer research event to honor her 40 years as a survivor of stage 4 breast cancer. My sons now proudly wear pink shirts to school to celebreate their grandma.

After reading the long term drinking abuse stories, it seems there is no way to predict how one year without alcohol can alter a life plan. Lives are drastically different.

I need the support of the long term drinkers who write frequently, but I connect with those whose lives are so full and happy that the old ways are best left in the past.

The last 3 months of blogging have shown me that I have a lot to say. I can’t wait to wake up and write. The action of writing frequently is new but not the dream. A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I had a subscription to a writer’s magazine. I only remembered that as I was writing this blog post.

Treat thoughts:

  • What other dreams got discarded because drinking took so much time?
  • I ‘bought’ the ‘free shipping’ package from King Arthur Flour as a reward yesterday and I am so excited to get my order. It is one of my favorite companies and now I can order all year long. I can just get sprinkles if I want and not have a big shipping bill for a small reward. I have about two hundred cookie cutters and have not made one cut out cookie for my kids. Maybe this is an old dream that I can put new action to?
  • I have lots of gardening books, a huge yard….and a very small garden. I can’t wait for the new plant & seed catalogs to come in the mail. Where will my non-drinking life take me this year? Maybe I’ll start some seeds indoors….

2 thoughts on “Day 24 – When is it over?

  1. I started blogging because i liked to comment on others blogs. I love the back and forth, the advice.
    I keep blogging because every day i am still shocked at how life improves without booze and i hope to reassure even one orher person that that is actually true.
    And reading the stuggles and uncertainties of the newly sober keeps me sober.
    I do not want to go back to self doubt and fear. I am awake and aware.

    Make cookies today! Your kids will love it!

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