Day 25 – Another Monday


A good weekend routine would help a Monday morning. I’m still just floundering on the weekends. Trying a few new patterns but nothing is falling into place yet. It will come.

We watched The Butler right before bed last night. Wow. ( I did notice that I didn’t sleep as well after the movie than I normally would after reading.) It was a very emotional movie. My son kept asking why he had not heard of these stories. I asked him who he thought wrote his textbooks? We talked about the power of a movie to tell history.

In the movie, the mom was drinking. In a few short scenes I could relate to her and could feel it. It was tiny. But as a drinker, and whoever wrote these subtle scenes must have had experience with drinking, knew how to convey a problem. Much later, again very subtle was one line, “I don’t drink anymore.”

 My “radar” was definately going off during those scenes. I felt a tingling, stomach dropping, tightness. I recognised her. I knew her excuses, her bad decisions, her struggle, her pain. 

Treat thoughts:

  • Book Club today!
  • I have some new hand lotion, face cream & pants to wear.
  • I ordered Gaiman TV.

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