Day 26 – Reward Plan


Crazy. Hectic. Exhausting. A regular day at work.

I planned for it and it helped. I pre-ordered my Schwan’s delivery. Chicken nuggets & ice cream appeared at my door before my coat was even off. Mr. Schwan is handing me dinner, even as I’m fielding a work phone call. Good plan.

I got my coat off & poured myself a caffeine free, full sugar cola over filtered, clear ice cubes. Made toast and read some sober blogs. Good plan having a fun drink in the house.

My kids didn’t have school. I told them to do the hand dishes while I was gone. It was a disgusting, tall stack. I never dreamed they would actually do it and it felt weird to let that mom chore go. They did a great job and I went to bed with a clean kitchen. A miracle.

I put me first, and left work at lunch time to go to book club. Moloka’i was our read. Definately a good plan.

I listened to Amy Tan read to me in the car all day. About 2 hours total driving. Thank you to my library for carrying books on tape.

All these things got me out of my head. They kept me out of the store. I spent valuable time doing stuff I liked.

Treat thoughts:

  • Time I spent planning treats and rewards over the weekend paid off.
  • I am bringing tea & cookies to work to share. If I do a planned break with staff maybe there will be less random talking  (by me) and I can stay focused on my work.

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