Day 28 – Headachey


Dreamt of work all night. Stupid racing thoughts.

I’ve woken up to this bad headache 3 times this week. Ouch. This was normal while drinking.

It certainly could be PAWS but pretty sure it’s stress. I’m already forgetting to take a break during the day and give myself treats.

In my profession these are some of the toughest weeks of the year, so this isn’t a ME problem. The situation would be tough no matter what. The long hours must be worked and paperwork must go out the door.

It’s 3 months of chaos and 9 months of cake walk. Right now there is no cake, but having almost no work or stress for 9 months is a huge perk.

Treat thoughts:

  • Tomorrow is the Belle phone call. That reward is definately helping.
  • In 2 days I will have 30 days. I have already put colorful star stickers on my day planned as a pretty reward.
  • Is caffeine a reward? I sit the fence on that. I am normaly a one cup in the morning girl. Right now it’s two cups in the morning (before 5 am) and maybe a caffeine pop at lunch for pep. Guess I’m going to have to say no to that one.
  • I think I’m going to ask the boys to cook dinner tonight and see how that goes.

One thought on “Day 28 – Headachey

  1. I noticed more headaches for the first while. I probably always had them, but i was consuming a lot of advil. Hmmm
    I also find i drink less water sober (no 2 am guzzling in the hopes of no hangover), so i am often dehydrated.

    Think of this as you body healing.

    I think caffeine is a treat if you enjoy it!

    Take care. You are doing it!!

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