Day 29 – Belle phone call


Just got off the phone with Belle as part of the Sober Jumpstart. I’m sure she was there but I talked the whole time! I had 6 items to talk about but when she asked how she could help support me going foreward, I didn’t know! Next time I will be better prepared.

One of the big ideas we discussed was the statement, “Why is this so hard?” relating to laundry, making dinner, driving to work, yada yada. That statement is actually a victim perspective. That really caught my attention.

The other big issue was the feeling of getting whipped into a frenzy and then needing to drink to relieve the pressure.

She asked how I now dealt with the issues.

I have recognized that one reason I drank was to stay awake at night. Now I understand the feelings I thought were too much stress were symtoms of being tired. Since I have drunk almost every night for 34 years, I did not know what those feelings in my body were.

My attempt of at home rehab was also successful. Now that I’m back to work I recognize the amount of interruptions that happen during my day. By stepping away I got a better plan in place to get my goals met, even with excessive interruptions. The interruptions equaled stress amd resemtment, and a feeling of no control.

I am making great strides to not be a victim of my day. If I don’t choose the outcome of my day, then life will choose for me and it will be harder than it needs to.

Treat thoughts:

  • I ordered myself a Franklin Planner for work. I want to focus on goal setting and they have a good system.
  • Casserole – I have eaten off one I made up from 7 leftovers in the fridge and it has been filling, hot & comfort foody to take to work. My typical thought is they are so full of fat. But I’m happy & full and content and not edgy from trying to eat light. I’m actually eating less over all. So MORE Casseroles!

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