Day 32 – Felt the pull


I felt the pull of alcohol this weekend. I wanted a break for a while. Through reading sober blogs, I found so many voices saying the same thing.

  • quit trying to do so much
  • it’s okay to check out, just don’t drink
  • have you had a treat?

A self help course I took a long time ago suggested a small get away every 6 weeks and at least one big vacation every year. The planning, the anticipation, the excitement, are just as much a reward as the actual get away.

I am approaching that 6 week mark the weekend after this. My rewards have been mostly daily treats. This week I am focusing on spiritual treats, but after my longing for a break and some thoughts about drinking, I think I need to plan a run away.

Not only get out of my head but get out of my house.

Spiritual Treats this week:

  • Henri Nouwen’s Bread for the Journey daily devotions
  • writing and creating cards to send
  • going to the library at break and getting magazines for the office, so they can get out of their heads a little too during the stressful day

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