Day 38 – Still Struggling & Close Call


I drove to get alcohol twice yesterday. First,  – in the parking lot got a text to pick up my son. Second – saw a person I didn’t want to see going in the store and I drove thru the lot and left.

I finally gave up. All the right reasons to not drink were heard. Didn’t care. In the end I was just too pooped to get in the car a third time.

Too tired to go to the store for alcohol.

Poured myself a caffeine free pop, ordered pizza, watched How to Train Your Dragon 2 with kids. Went to bed.

Working 6 days a week. Yesterday, Saturday was at my office at 6:24 am. One night did not get home until 6:45 pm. One night went to school band concert for son.

Yep, one of those weeks. Normal stuff.

Don’t have the coping skills yet to have a normal life without wanting a drink to take me out of here for a while.

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