Day 40 – Friends


One thing nice about work is friendship. It seems everyone had a bad Monday yesterday.

Coming home last night at almost 7 pm it was nice to have messages of kindness waiting for me in the Sobersphere.

I had such a crabby morning yesterday, my son very seriously asked me when my next therapist appointment was. That made me laugh! I was also happy he made the association that when things seem way off, that it may be time for a professional.

I did take his words to heart and asked myself how serious was my bad mood. It wasnt. I always blamed these mornings on hangovers, (because I rarely had a morning without a hangover.) I haven’t experienced a bad mood or a couple of down days as a normal thing.

Absolutely, I would have drunk through these days. I would feel sick, tired and shameful on top of cranky.

The blessing, I guess, is feeling cranky with no side order of sick, tired and shame. Just the feeling.

Treat thoughts:

  • New hair color last night – that’s why I was home so late
  • Schwans coconut shrimp for supper
  • Clean house, since cleaning ladies came yesterday
  • It’s Tuesday morning – always better than Monday morning 🙂

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