Sober Garden


I just read that sobriety is like tending a garden. My real garden outside is a mess and I feel that way too.

I love this analogy though. I have created many gardens in different places. Starting with nothing and creating a spot of beauty.

My garden outside is ravaged from winter and my sober garden feels the same way from work. It’s going to take some time, sore muscles and a few sunburns to get things cleaned up.

I want it to be pretty now, but that’s not how gardens grow.

I could buy a few annuals and stick them in pots, but they don’t last. My sober efforts feel like that. Good enough for now but not a strong perennial.

A good garden just needs a little water and weeding every day. I have neglected my poor little sober garden. No water and choked with weeds.

Time to uncover myself, just a little bit everyday. Not too flashy too fast, but give myself some time to develop strong roots.

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