Re-Read & Re-Do


I just re-read all my blog posts, my treat pages and word of the year page.  I seriously LOVE my job, but overtime has robbed my ME time. I am falling back into bad habits. I love that girl who doesn’t drink and treats herself. This girl now is happy, but is missing joy and discovery.

HELLO – Treats where are you!?!

Treat Ideas:

  • Wash those sheets!  Make the bed! Fluff the pillows!
  • Go to bed early & read. I am going to re-read The Secret Garden. One of my childhood treasures. I want to create my own secret garden in my yard this summer.
  • It’s Saturday. No work, okay a few phone calls, but not putting on a bra or changing out of stretch pants. Going to plot and plan and dream today. Going to get a week’s worth of 3 treats a day written down in the day planner.  Note to self: “doing” is not a treat. Remember baking cookies – not treat. Buying special cookies – treat.

One thought on “Re-Read & Re-Do

  1. I love re-reading books, especially ones which have good memories attached. My favorites are King Arthur legend, “The Once and Future King” and the Jane Austen books. I also for fun, like to read James Bond books, detective novels and historical fiction. Getting myself to turn off the t.v. and read, before sleeping really helps me to sleep better. Good luck in all you do!


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