Decorah Eagles


We leave the live eagle stream running all weekend long. Pip 21 has just hatched and 22 is almost here. My son just realised the eagles are in Iowa where we live. Decorah is couple hours away but suddenly they are “our eagles.”

My problem with alcohol is also “our problem.” From now to forever my kids will associate mom drinking wine or mom trying to NOT drink wine with “our family.” How sad.

In our family story we will also, always and forever, have autism, speech disorders, cancer and divorce. Though tough, none of these issues were my choice.

I do feel however, that drinking is  my choice. I can quit drinking but I can’t undo that part of our family story. I will be remembered as a mom who had a problem with alcohol.

I need to grieve that a bit. Then I need to keep moving forward.

My son just called me in. As mom and dad changed places on the nest we watched as Pip 22 struggled to get the rest of it’s shell off. 21 got fed and then the last egg and the pips were tucked under the eagle for a nap.

Our family story is still being written. I want to make it a good one.

2 thoughts on “Decorah Eagles

  1. You will be remembered as the mom who was strong enough to overcome a problem with alcohol. That’s fantastic. That’s who I am too. We rock.

    The sad side would be to be known as the alcoholic mom who wasn’t able to stop drinking. Alcoholism and addiction are diseases and there are many many out there who want to stop and never find their way out of their hell.

    We are the fortunate ones.


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