Daily Blogging


When I stopped daily blogging at day 42 I was concerned that I might start drinking. I made it to day 45. I mean, yeah! longest time ever! But boo, cuz I messed up.

There was no time to write. Fatal error for my sobriety.

I know I battle some OLD TAPES:

  • Everyone else is working overtime, I should too or they will be resentful.
  • If I leave early no one will able to do my job.
  •  I’m not special, I shouldn’t get special treatment.


  • Drinking too much is deadly. This is a health issue.
  • Look at the others who are doing too much at work. Of those on overtime – ALL – have health issues from lack of self care.
  • None of the others are single moms right now. I need to protect myself to raise my kids.

What I noticed by writing it out, is the old tapes are focused on what others think of me. It is also pressure I only put on myself and not truly what others think of me.

Reward Ideas:

  • Go to work late ( which is actually ontime but I go early) sooo later than normal and walk this morning.
  • Do the 10 minute yoga session.
  • Start listening to the Belle Sober Jumpstart podcasts again.
  • Listen to The Bubble Hour.

One thought on “Daily Blogging

  1. I am a good cheerleader for those who are going through the AA Steps program. I was married to an alcoholic, attended AA, Al-Anon and took my kids to Ala-Teen. I believe in you and hope you wil be successful…


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