Self Help Junkie


I have always loved self-help books. Every read is one more door opening in the confusion of the brain.

Discovering Ted Talks was like reading the best chapter from a self help book and you get to hear it in the author’s voice. There is no financial commitment so I can browse all I want without the bookstore people glaring at me.

The blogging community has become my latest obsession in self-help. The blog posts are the writers AhHa moments. The best emotions and explanations of their day, week or month.

Sometimes I enjoy the science behind the theory, but I usually skip that part in the self help books. My favorite part is always the anonymous person who the author uses as an example.

This is what I love about Ted Talks and blogs. The real life stories behind the ideas that change lives.

Treat thoughts for today:

  • Need to stock up on some food treats at the store.
  • Tide pods with Febreeze make the best smelling sheets!
  • Followed lots of new people in the blog world.

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