Treats and Rewards


Picking the part of the 100 day challenge that was the toughest for me became the focus of my blog. Those pesky treats and rewards. It seemed so unnatural to be kind to myself.

Plotting and planning to do things or eat things that have been forbidden, ouch. I didn’t deserve a treat for such a simple thing as not having a drink.

Belle’s plan for a treat every two days did not work for me. I couldn’t stay sober for two days in a row.  When I made it to 30 days sober I rewarded myself with a call from Belle. She was surprised that I did three trrats a day.

On those first hangover days one and two ( and sometimes three day hangovers) I planned a treat for every four hours. It helped. It kept me focused on the time.

Trying to be strong all day and tough it out feeling miserable didn’t work. My tough love on myself brought me back to drinking each night.

I put three treats or rewards on my daily planner. As I finish them I check them off. Yesterday – Lunch with a friend √ Cookie after breakfast √ Mocha coffee √ The more irreverent or formerly guilty the treat the more fun it is to look forward to the reward.

I define the treats intention and say stupid silly giggly things like – you are AMAZING have a cookie! – sip slowly and enjoy this moment of peace and stillness because your brain is NOT on fire with cravings – thank you dear friend for thinking kindly of me and buying me lunch because you think I’M SPECIAL and DESERVE a treat – you ROCKED today now go eat Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch for supper!

The more I treat myself the nicer and funnier I am with me. I am even buying my kids more treats just to see the joy in theIr eyes. When I look in the mirror I see more joy in my eyes too.

 Stuart Smalley: [turns to self in mirror] “Because I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. And doggonit people like me!”.

… Lori …

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