Single Mom Crap


I have learned to love being a single mom. Not today though. When I told the kids I had to work during Easter break their faces fell. They tried to hide it and be supportive but it hurt.

It’s so much fun to look forward to time off from school and spend time at home. Not hurrying to get ready and just a nice lighter mood. Treating yourself to stuff you can’t do during the week.

They miss me. The dog misses me.

I remember a line from a Nora Ephron film, that I will badly paraphrase, “kids don’t care if your suicidal in the next room, as long as you’re in the next room.” I was in my twenties and no where close to having kids. ( late thirties for me) But that line I still remember.

They just want me home. Just in the next room. Letting them have cookies for breakfast . Just because.

Treat thoughts:

  • Whatever it takes, leave work early today.
  • Give in to the guilty mom feeling. Cookies for breakfast, lunch & dinner!!
  • Make a special memory together. Something that will be remembered in place of  them telling their therapists when they are old ” I’m crazy because my mom worked that one Easter weekend.”

One thought on “Single Mom Crap

  1. Funny how quickly we take on guilt when we can’t do everything our kids want.
    I expect some of their disappointment is really for you. They are sorry you get to miss out in doing nothing. Lol
    A funny gesture and an early return home sounds like a great compromise.


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