Backwards Treats √√√


I try to plan my 3 daily sober treats ahead of the day. Sometimes for the whole week. The next morning I check off those I did. It’s been working great.

Lately I have found myself erasing yesterdays treat idea and writing in what I actually did.

Last night driving home from an ultra stressed day I thought, “get out of your own head!!” I did think of alcohol but didn’t choose it. Instead we watched a movie.

My 15 year old son and I watch all the Oscar nominees every year. This is our usual weekend plan. Fun food, a good movie and GREAT discussion after. (We are still talking about Foxcatcher. Loved it!)

I like to watch on the weekend so I can cook first, have treats and really relax and pay attention. Not last night. I needed out of my head. Because I hate taking care of pancakes I cooked two giant ones as big as the skillet. Boys loved it. Dinner done. Pulled the sofa close to the tv and watched.

It worked. I didn’t spend the night peeking at facebook, catching up old tv shows and stressing about tomorrow.

This morning I erased the treat I had planned for yesterday, wrote in *movie √  and checked it off. This is good. I am recognizing that I need to choose a treat situation even when it’s not on the list. I am learning to apply my treats when I used to apply alcohol.

Treat thoughts:

  • Of the 12 treats planned so far this week, 5 ended up being backwards treats.
  • I do the same thing with my to-do list. I write out 3 things to accomplish every day. Lately I have been going backwards & writing in what I did do. Then I check it off.
  • It’s the √√√ checkmark that feels good!

5 thoughts on “Backwards Treats √√√

  1. My son explained how unique some of the camera work was. It was cool once he showed me. Then I explained some of the relationships that his autism didn’t process. We were surprised that it won the Oscar. Not our favorite choice either. Dark comedies need more brain power than I usually want to give a movie!


  2. Nowinewino !

    Flexibility is good with your treats ! It’s key to not be rigid and be able to change the treat ! The fact that it is an appropriate sober treat and the checking it off is enough !

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