What is addiction?


My son asked if the reason I didn’t want him to drink pop everyday was so that he wouldn’t get addicted.

Hmmm…. No……. addiction is when you have an emotion and drink instead of feeling it.

He thought a minute…and decided that he drank pop because it tastes good.

I thought about my response to him a lot yesterday. That must have been my subconscious speaking. It must be where I am on my journey about getting sober. Trying to find answers to the WHY of the drinking.

Last year at this time I was drinking every night. I was hungover every day. Last year I was hoping and praying to stop drinking. Every.. single..day..  that was my prayer.

The past 5 months have been mostly sober. Not perfect – but Wow! This year I am hoping and praying for normal stuff. And I say thank you a lot.

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