I’ve read several blogs lately from people with longer sobriety talking about the let down on day 3. Returning from a trip, after a big presentation or a milestone. They were prepared for day 3. They knew it was coming. How interesting!

I reread some journal entries and I have that phenomenon too. It is a physical reaction to decompression. I get body aches and the chills. Extreme fatigue and the desire to get out of this feeling. My usual peppy bright self feels like a rock. I don’t get better each day, I get worse each day and that is frustrating. It is when I used to cave in to alcohol.

So this is a normal thing! If I drink through it like in the past it doesn’t end. Knowing that this is a healing process is powerful.

I ended my tax work season on Thurday. Friday, Sat & Sun were horrible. My boss told me to get payroll done today, meet her Tuesday to discuss summer schedules and take the rest of the week off. At first I couldn’t imagne not working! There is so much to wrap up! But after this weekends letdown, I can’t imagine going back to work!

Today is day 4 of the decompression. I wanted to badly drink last night but with the new knowledge from the other bloggers, I understood this was a normal process. If I don’t let the process finish I will get stuck. I feel crappy this morning, pleased I didn’t drink, but no where near back to normal.

How long does decompression last for me? What are the symtoms? If I don’t drink, when do I start to feel better? I can’t avoid decompression, so what can I learn about it?

2 thoughts on “Decompression

  1. This would be a great day for yoga
    A safe place to get your mind back in the now and investigate how your body is doing.
    Something gentle and quiet.
    That let down after stress is a real thing. But it is just a feeling and feelings pass.

    Take care of you!

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    • Let down after stress is real. You have heard this too! After so many self help books & therapy it seems I should know this. I’m not sure I ever finished stress before – just kept making new stress by drinking thru it. Old dog – new tricks. Lol. Thanks!


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