If I could just….


If I could just….finish the quarterly reports….

If I could just….get the hand dishes done….

I I could just….get caught up….

Then I could….What? Do more stuff?!?

Today I am going to have to leave things undone and walk away. This makes me uncomfortable. I like to Do, to Finish, to Accomplish, to Check It Off – DONE.

I spent last night worrying about things undone.

As my own best friend, what advice would I give myself?

  1. Are laundry, dishes, cleaning EVER done? No,but….
  2. Can work wait until next week? Yes, but…
  3. How many times have you heard this week to slow down? A lot, but…
  4. How did you sleep last night? Bad.
  5. When was the last time you left town? July
  6. Was it a business trip? Yes
  7. Have you taken time off by choice or because you ceased to function from stress? Forced to stop.
  8. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Gosh – my best friend self can be tough! But she’s a smart chick. Gets right to the heart of things. She wants to go play.

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