Concrete Hips


I laughed out loud yesterday when I heard that phrase about yoga poses. That is exactly how my right hip feels. It is so tight it feels like it will never loosen up. When it first got tight I rested it, then I realized that it got worse! Now it’s cement.

I have been stiff before but now I can’t put a sock on or paint the nails. (So glad it’s spring sandals and pedicure time!) Such an easy fix for me. Stretches and a pedi.

I remember helping my sister everyday put on lotion and socks on her feet. She couldn’t do it herself because she had gotten a form of polio after her bone marrow transplant. All the stretches in the world wouldn’t get her muscles fibers straight again. She had to have her toes clipped by a specialist due to circulation issues. No pretty polish allowed.

Easy answers (wink, wink) – stop drinking, stretch, eat right, count your blessings. I forget sometimes that I get the opportunity to change myself. My sister did not get a choice. This is where my mind takes me today. Grateful, guilty and chipping away at my cement hips.

6 thoughts on “Concrete Hips

  1. I took a massage course once and the instructor said that women tend to hold their tension in the hips and neck, whereas men tend to hold it in the upper back and shoulders.

    I really need to get back into yoga! Your sister sounds like a real inspiration :).

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