3 Square


Food is one of my best friends. That doesn’t bother me.

i study cereal boxes as I eat and look at how they use marketing. I adore my cookbooks. I grow food. Watching cooking shows is better than all other tv.

Drinking started out the same way. It was fun to be a beer, drink or wine snob. “Consciuos coupling” of Food & Wine. (That is the magazine’s new marketing ad.)  Trying to grow hops or making wine. I loved all that.

One of the ways I am not drinking is to eat a big meal at night. Instead of just enough, I remind myself to eat a full meal and have dessert. When I’m full I have no desire to drink. At the worst of it, I would try not to eat at all, so  I could drink more.

I have had to reintroduce meat back in my life. Yuck, but my kids were not eating along with me I realized. One time I didn’t have a single piece of fresh fruit or a vegetable in the house. I had quit buying food, just wine.

I’m getting back to bigger meals and watching tv as we eat. We watched Big Hero 6 last night. Fun! I made BBQ chicken and I only had to eat a couple bites because the boys, being distracteded by the movie, finally ate a full serving.

I hadn’t realized how poor my eating habits had become while drinking. I also had lost my hobbIes of cooking & gardening.

So, back to 3 square meals a day. And eating until I’m full. And dessert!

4 thoughts on “3 Square

  1. It’s so easy to forget the importance of nutrition when we’re drinking. I like you like to view myself as anon drinker now who has unfortunately had an occasional relapse which I hope not to repeat. But during these moments of madness I was reminded of how unimportant food used to be, (even though I am very knowledgable about the topic due to my obsessive approach to everything!)mainly because I was too full, or hoped to be full of booze! I know that malnutrition is a serious problem for alcoholics and I can see why! Keep enjoying the desserts

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  2. yogaforsobriety

    I’m horrible with eating too. Between the disordered eating of starvation and binging and purging I’m malnourished. Let’s not even think about what nutrients alcohol has depleted from my body in addition.

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