Good News Bad News


Good news is nothing more has happened and my friend and I have calmed down.

Bad news is I drank last night. Since my big stretch of 45 days I can get 10 days together but can’t seem to get past that.

Good news is I used to black out drink every single night for years. Never getting past a day 1. A couple years ago I started to get maybe 3 days in a row and truly began learning about being an alcoholic. Now, since Novemberish I have spent about 90% of my nights sober.

Bad news…well enough of the bad news!

In one of my sober books – Sober For Good – Anne Fletcher interviews people with long term sobriety and all the different ways they got there as well as how they maintain it. My favorite lady said it took her 7 years to finally get sober. She never gave up.

That resonates with me. When I diet, skip exercise, don’t clean the house, whatever, I feel a little bad but not really a big deal. With drinking though, it means that I have not addressed an important issue in me. I now know that it isn’t just being lazy or having an unrealistic expectation like not getting the dishes in the dishwasher every single night. Drinking is now a statement about my mental health.

Yes, I wish starting a blog would have been the “thing” that kept me completely sober. Blogging has made the difference between drinking every 3 days to where I am now. It is my journey, however long it takes, to keep getting more of the sober days, better mental health and enough lessons learned to stay sober. That’s really good news!

4 thoughts on “Good News Bad News

  1. Hey, you know what? Coming on here and admitting what happened? That took guts. Lots of people would have used the slip-up as an excuse to binge and blackout for days on end. I’m super proud of you for ‘fessing up. And it sounds like you’re making major progress regardless of the slip. Good for you! Keep on truckin’!

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