2 Boxes of Wine


It has been 6 months since my mom came to visit. She brought 2 boxes of wine in the house and put them in the fridge. I’m sure there was another in her trunk. She was planning to stay two nights.

Last time she was here I drank through most of the wine she brought. She asked if I was drinking and I said no. She said, oh guess I shouldn’t have brought wine. She drank her 2 or 3 very small glasses each night. No biggie.

My mom is great, but bringing boxes of wine, putting them in the fridge when you know someone is quitting?

  1. Yeah me! Six months ago I was drinking that much. This weekend nothing.
  2. My mom may not ever stop bringing wine. This may be an issue each time I visit her or she comes here.
  3. I have learned a new behavior of watching movies at home without drinking.  It wasn’t (too) much of a trigger. There would have been no trigger without those boxes in the fridge. I made kool-aid because everything else had caffeine. The kids and I drank the whole pitcher during the movie. It was much nicer to share that watermelon kool-aid with them than the isolating experience of wine.

There is much more to this weekends story that I will continue later.

2 thoughts on “2 Boxes of Wine

  1. You might have to ask your mom directly to not bring the wine.
    Sometimes people don’t take us seriously. So it’s our job to help them realize that we are actually doing this sober thing, that it isn’t easy and that their support helps us so much.
    I bet she would love to help you.
    Great job. Watching movies with the kids sober feels so good.

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  2. Lori K

    Bravo for staying away from the wine. I wonder if sometimes people just don’t understand how much of a struggle it is for us, maybe they think that we’re “really not that bad?” Kool-Aid with the kids is much more rewarding than checking out with the wine!

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