Massive Action


I was finally ready to hear this sober lesson.

On one of the blogs I was reading there were comments discussing how much they liked this “Patrick” person’s writing. Can I find which blogger? Of course not! Sorry! But they had included a link thankfully, because it deeply spoke to me. (Back to this part in a minute, it ties together with this next bit.)

I emailed Belle about my Monday situation at work with the threatening client. This was her response:

“I think you can go your boss and say “it’s not fine and I can’t just let it go. it’s a big deal. and I’d like to feel that you understand what it’s like to be me.” and then be silent and see what she says. you can also refuse to work with people who make you feel unsafe. if she’s not there, he can come back later.      that’s my non-professional 2-cents!   huglets” (Spoiler alert – I used those exact words with my boss. She was completely understanding!)

So…after reading about massive action and sobriety and knowing that I HAD to address my safety at work, I spent some time exploring the outer limits of what taking a large chunk of time off from work – like until September- would look like for my sobriety and health. Could I risk losing my job and paycheck as a single mom to put my sober self first?

Long story short – I have a pending offer with her to purchase two offices so I can guarantee my own job security, have summers off with my kids, will be able to maintain my salary and do half the work I was previously responsible for. WHAT?!?

I walked into my meeting with her with the sole intention of addressing a tough situation and asking for some down time. I thought that was Massive Action!

As in the article, letting go of control and allowing others to help guide us – WOW!

2 thoughts on “Massive Action

  1. Phew! What an amazing culmination of events this has turned out to be! Belle seems to always have such insightful advice. I’ve thought about e-mailing her from time to time but I know how busy she must be with her 100 day challenge and various other endeavors. For now I’m satisfied with reading her blog.

    I’m so incredibly happy that this turned out well for you. Are you taking your boss up on the offer or still sort of mulling it over? Looking forward to hearing what you decide :).


    • Try some massive action and email Belle 🙂 She was my very first safe private resource.
      I am definately going to follow this work path and see where it leads. (And try not to control and over think it! Lol )


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