Denial Phase II


Alcoholic – yes. Good with that one. Never drink again – well?? Maybe?  Now, I don’t want to drink but deep in my heart do I believe that I will never drink again? Honestly I do not.

Yep – just don’t drink today, etc. But I am missing that inner conviction. The deep belief that drinking needs to be off the table forever. 100 days sober – great. In a row? Yikes.

You know how you if you look for green tomatoes all of a sudden green tomatoes are everywhere? Surrender, denial, complete abstinence, in a row, no matter what…… I am seeing these themes pop up over and over for me.

Okay universe, I hear ya. Surrender to No Matter What.

And put some massive action behind that thought.

Let’s see what that brings me today.

3 thoughts on “Denial Phase II

  1. I know what you mean. Sobriety is EVERYWHERE for me. Every song, every picture, every flower, every rock. I can’t escape it. I also struggle with the idea of NEVER drinking again. Never taking another pain pill. I mean, what if I break my leg?

    But today my leg isn’t broken so I won’t worry about it, I guess. I’ll cross that bridge if and when I come to it. I’m digging your massive action theme for the last few days. Very inspiring :).


  2. Early on I was convinced I’d drink again – somewhere in the first year I got to the point where that just drifted off… and I accepted the just for today philosophy since then I’ve not bothered about it. I don’t drink today and I don’t think about what may or may not happen tomorrow


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