CVA – Cough Variant Asthma


Choking baby syndrome was it’s first name in 1975. My mom said she would tape record me as a tiny infant in 1963 with this choking cough at night. By day – no cough, clear lungs, no wheeze. She would play the tape but they didn’t believe her.

Growing up, I was given very dangerous concoctions made with codeine. In the late 70’s after this type of asthma was discovered I was able to start getting proper treatment.

I have been battling a flare up of my condition for  almost two weeks. After trying to get it under control I will have to start some pred. I hate that crap. I start to cry just thinking about it. I will cry a bunch more after I’m on it.

Please forgive my next week of posts from the crazy pred lady. If you know someone who has nightime choking cough attacks please see a pulmonary specialist. There is good daily therapy that really improves quality of life.

P.S. Yes, in the past I have tried to drink until I stopped coughing, it doesn’t work 🙂 That is what we boozers do. Apply alcohol to any situation no matter how unrelated.

2 thoughts on “CVA – Cough Variant Asthma

  1. Oh God, Prednisone is rough. I feel for you :(. Insomnia, mood swings, I totally get it. (I work in the medical field). Hugs to you… and you are certainly pre-forgiven for any crazy posts. Lord knows I’ve had plenty of crazy bouts in the past 3 months, and I wasn’t on any type of steroid medication at the time – at least you’ll have an excuse!


    • Nowinewino !

      I feel for you ! I was put on iv steroids in Israel years ago ! I ran around the hospital wielding an iv pole with my butt hanging out of the iv gown ! Oral steroids not quite so bad but still make you feel emotionally labile ! Just stay strong and keep sharing it will help ! Love your blog ! You are really honest !!!

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