Crazy Pred


I haven’t talked much in the last 2 weeks due to poor lung function. Normally I am an 100 mph type person. This crap has left me very quiet. Except for the cough, for which I am banned from sleeping upstairs with the boys. They need to sleep.

After a little pred, I am starting to talk again. Kids are not thrilled. I am back on their case about getting dishes done and other neglected chores I have let go while sick.

I have put my quiet time to good use. I have read several sober bloggers entire posts from beginning to now. So many lessons learned.

  • I am not alone.
  • This is hard. The hardest thing ever!!
  • It is serious.
  • It gets easier, but it gets harder.
  • Harder ends, or transforms, or gets worse.
  • Then it gets easier.
  • Then harder at milestones.
  • Then easier again.
  • Then harder again.
  • Sharing stories make tough times better (not easier).
  • Blogs are love letters to ourselves.
  • There will always be someone ahead of me.
  • There will start to be a few behind me.
  • Extreme self-care is necessary.
  • Treats, rewards, humor, make it fun.

3 thoughts on “Crazy Pred

    • I have re-read my own blog beginning to end a couple of times and realized these posts are so different than a journal entry. I write differently and so much more kindly to myself in a blog than in my journal. I am not proud of the girl in my journal but I really like the one who blogs and is getting stronger.

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