I crave lightness. If there is space I can breathe.

I have empty cupboards. Things do not over flow. Purpose and place.

My mom brings rolls of paper towels and toilet paper and boxes of wine because she is afraid I will run out in the two days she is here. Her car never goes below half a tank. She is a fearful person.

Empty – means I can fill it with thoughts not things. When my home gets messy I can’t think.

This I know about me.

But my body … It is so congested. Tight with asthma, excess weight, dark heavy clothing. And I numbed it with alcohol.

I’m beginning to introduce lightness in my physical being. The violent coughing is just an occasional bark. Spring cleaning of my clothes drawers the KonMari way. Ready to pick up my vegan cookbooks. Creating space within me.

2 thoughts on “Lightness

  1. I’m so so so so glad I’ve got another KonMari buddy! I have been like your mom for most of my life. When I cleaned out my closet I found LOADS of items I was keeping for “an emergency”. Into the garbage they go!!


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