Getting Home


The Trip

I am now the mother of 2 teenage boys! And both are excellent map readers.

The thought of 4 1/2 hours of interstate driving was too much for me. I highlighted a back route taking us through the most beautiful country. But I would need a good map reader to do this. I figured if they couldn’t do it we would just grab a big highway and skip the scenery.

Wow – we found the most glorious sites. NE Iowa, SE Minnesota, the big woods of Wisconsin. Rolling hills, the mighty Mississippi, the Amish. And of course Yogi Bear & Boo Boo at Jellystone Park.

Mini golf, swimming, driving everwhere in a golf cart, log cabin with a loft, Yogi Bear cartoons at the outdoor theatre at dusk. A 13 year old’s birthday vacation complete with Daniel Boone coon skin hat and S’mores birthday cake for breakfast. And one unexpected gift, knowing my kids can read a real, paper map.

With the ability to read a map, the world opens up. The backroads are where life’s treasures are found.

We got home last night, picked up the dog from the kennel and watched Yogi cartoons all together in my bed as our wonderful 3 days ended.

Being Home

Today, I am tired, sore, an extra 6 pounds of water weight from all the driving, and have so many to-do’s I’m feeling frantic. I started reading sober blogs right away this morning. This overwhelmed feeling is a recipe for drinking to me. I am going to have to be careful today because I want out of this feeling!

It is 6 am and I am already tired of listening to my son talking to me. I spent 3 amazing days focused on them. Now I will need to really focus on some self-care for me.

Treat Ideas:

  • Mindless TV – my favorite cooking and home improvement shows
  • Pinterest & Candy Crush marathons
  • Yardscape on paper, school’s out, vacation’s over, now I can start the outdoor dreaming. I have some summer long projects to plot and plan.
  • Menu plan
  • Blog as much as necessary today, maybe every 4 hours, it really does help to get the emotions defined and send them to cyberspace

5 thoughts on “Getting Home

  1. Your boys must be so thrilled to have their Mum back in full force ! I can tell you were always a loving and good mother but it sounds like your totally present and involved ! Don’t be hard on yourself when annoyance or irritation creeps in. That just means it’s time to take a break for a little me time ! I find walking my dogs is my time ! Especially when we can go somewhere of natural beauty !


  2. You sound so fully present for your boys now ! They must love having you fully back with them !
    Don’t be hard on yourself when a little irritation creeps in ! Take enough ” me” time !
    Mine is when I can go somewhere beautiful to walk my dogs !


  3. I spent several weekends during my childhood camped out at Jellystone – such a fun place :). So glad you had a wonderful trip, my friend! I absolutely relate to the overwhelmed, “recipe for disaster” feeling right now. And it’s helping me that you’ve posted your thoughts here as well… so thank you :).

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