Sunday blahs


Just a few random thoughts:

  • Its okay to chill out – but its been like 4 weeks now. Come on already…
  • pms – probably
  • Headachey from trying to stop eating candy bars at every meal
  • Graduation party means I will have to put on a bra
  • Started weight watchers but chose the personal coaching and started a blog on their site (because that stuff works) I searched for the word ‘sober’ in their program and zero hits. Really?!
  • Did I mention I have 2 teenagers!!!
  • Signed up for a 30 day challenge to walk the dog everyday. Luckily it didn’t speciify distance  or time!
  • Have to work tomorrow after lots of time off. Super yuck.

Tomorrow will be 30 days Sober!

3 thoughts on “Sunday blahs

  1. I agree ! All part of “easy does it ”
    I got very wound up in resolving stupid debt while figuring out money saved with not drinking . Suddenly felt like I was putting a lot of pressure on myself and it became overwhelming !

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