Not Day 30


Day 30 is actually THIS Friday. Good gravy! I also missed the graduation yesterday because it was actually on Saturday 😦

The bra wearing did not go to waste though, we finished trimmimg and mowing the yard.

I can be addicted to anything. As my addiction to alcohol is lessening so is my addiction to calendars & daily planning (obviously). I just don’t feel the same intense pressure to control everything. I mean yeah! But I’m going to have to get back to 5. 10 perfect, 0 where I am now, and get at least some of my life back in order!

I’m still working on my KonMari cleaning. Again at 10 & 0. But the lovely ending there is once done, I will create a new lifestyle of staying tidy. Mari has no returning clients! That is astonishing in the business world! And she has a waiting list for her waiting list. My newly 13 year old loves the new folding teachnique. He can see all his shirts and they are not a wrinkled mess, which I like. He says he needs clothes with ‘swag’  for his swagalcious self. #Adorbs is all I can say. (I really can’t say that lingo, but he is so darn cute!) Ahem, point being, the huge amount of hand me down clothes from his big bro do not fit his swagstyle. Four large black garbage bags. Sheesh! I was saving all that! Feels good to let that go and give the kid, my drawers and myself some more room.

Back to work this week and ready to get my daily planning to a sober level 5.

One thought on “Not Day 30

  1. Balance. There’s a tricky conundrum of sobriety. A friend of mine was talking about dichotomous thinking the other day… black and white… on/off… 0/10 – seems to be an issue many of us continue to grapple with sober.

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