Relaxed Monster


I have created a monster. A very relaxed sober monster. I started back to work after a good month off. As I was moving my to-do’s forward in my day planner, I noticed that I didn’t really need to do most of them.

Riding the intense wave of tax season, I had put on the list countless, no almost pointless, tasks to solve. Well, the tax wave crested, crashed and hit the shore. I did everything I needed to do in an hour, sat there quite stunned, and instead of adding more tasks, I went online and read blogs, and wondwall, and facebook and ordered Schwans and paid a bill. And then I put a sign on the door that said, back in an hour, and went grocery shopping. What?!

When I am working I do not waste my bosses money on me just keeping the chair warm. I am productive darn it!

Now, I am not this hard on my staff. If I need someone to cover office hours, they have finished their work and made a half hearted attempt to clean something, then by all means I am happy to pay them to keep the chair warm and answer that one phone call.

So, I relaxed into it. Accepted it. And today I will do the same thing in a different office.

It’s quite interesting that I would do an hours worth of work with a hangover and it would take 4 hours. And I would cover up the fact of feeling sick with busy work so I wouldn’t have to talk to anyone. I was so afraid they would guess how sick I felt and why. I stayed busy to not think about the shame. If I got my job done plus more, than I could keep drinking.

I just don’t accept that anymore. I have unleashed a relaxed monster.

Once again I have discovered that being sober is more efficient. Even though I have more time it doesn’t mean that I have to fill the space with tasks just because there is time. Being sober makes work easier.

And the relaxed monster and I are just chillin.

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