Will Work for Ice Cream


So, I started on Weight Watchers to get my eating (sugar) under control. I’m a size 16 but officially, according to the charts, have 100 pounds to lose. Yikes. If I lose 5 pounds I will be thrilled!!

After 3 days on the plan I realize how poorly my diet has gotten. Not from recovery but from drinking. I remember thinking why bother dieting if I’m going to drink. True. I was reading on some of the message boards ladies sharing their two glass treat to bingeing out over the weekend, and then wondering if alcohol was keeping them from losing weight. Uh, yeah…

For you non dieters, I get to eat as much fruit & veggies as I want, and just count the other stuff. Easy peasy. I have always been an awesome veggie eater and very very rarely eat meat. So, no problem right? Well, guess who thinks she eats like this but has not? Yep, I was no where close to the healty eater I thought I was.

It’s good because I rarely eat processed food right? Hello… guess what I mostly eat and serve my kids? I had 3 old oranges, an onion and some dried out lettuce in the fridge. And a freezer full of ice cream, chicken nuggets & popsicles. The snack cupboard was filled with sugary treats for the kids. This wasn’t from my attempt at recovery, this is where my drinking life left me.

It was a real wake up call, that not only was I drinking too much thereby choosing to eat hangover food, I was feeding my kids crap too. (They of course don’t care.) Nobody was saying “Boy, I’d sure like to munch on a carrot instead of 8 cookies.”

So, after 3 days on healthy eating I am doing very well. There is good food in the house. No lie! And I get to eat ice cream. The only difference is I work for it. In order to get extra food points the equation must be equal, 30 minutes mowing = fudge ice cream cup.

Now, I may choose ice cream as part of my food choices, but I tell you what, when you are hungry that nice steak & roasted potatoes wins out over ice cream! And there have been many meals where I was either drunk, starting to drink or too hungover where I let my kids eat ice cream for supper. Not after, but as the meal.

Right now, in my sobriety journey I am cleaning house. My stuff, my fridge and my body. The better I feel, the less I have to take care of and the good healthy choices that are available, that is where I am at.

Rewards. They don’t all come fudge covered. And you need to do some work to get them.

3 thoughts on “Will Work for Ice Cream

  1. Sounds like you’re on the right path! I’m a bit nervous, though. I’m a size 16… yikes!!! I’m hoping that you’re a lot shorter than I am. Regardless, when the fear of change is outweighed by the discomfort of remaining where I am, I’ll change. Sigh.


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