30 Days


Last time I hit 30 days was 5 months ago and I made a list. Here’s some of my new list:

  • I was frustrated by headaches the last two weeks. And I was last time as well, both times suspected PAWS but poo poo’d the thought. Hmmm, maybe I don’t know everything. PAWS it was.
  • Had my first drinking dream. Opened it, went to take a sip, thought, “I don’t drink!” then “Hey, I don’t even like these people!” then “Good thing this is a dream cuz it’s stupid.” and woke up. Realized I slept through the night once again & remembered that it was 30 days for me & said a quick prayer of thanks.
  • Did my first Friday weigh in. Lost my PMS weight, plus my 6 from traveling water weight for a total of 9 pounds. (From the weight I have been for 2 years I am down 1.5) I still get ice cream, but not the “any amount I want from the 5 gallon pail cuz I’m sober.” 🙂 Schwans single serve vanilla with fudge. One serving = moderation.
  • Last time I fell apart quickly after my 30 days due to stress. I have worked on slowing my life down and feel immensely more calm than last time. This time feels like not drinking is normal versus something brand new like last time.
  • Same rewards as last time. Stickers on my calendar, awesome book to read & fun movies for the weekend. This time though I will be adding some exercise to my day.
  •  Last time I was drinking too much coffee. I recognized it earlier this time and have settled back in to one cup.
  • Calm – all I can say – is soooooo much calmer this time.
  • What made the difference? knowledge – when I knew better I did better, trust – listening to the voices on the blogs, sober style – kept changing the things that didn’t work.

10 thoughts on “30 Days

  1. Lori K

    Congrats on 30 days! Knowledge, trust, sober style, a great combination. And the pre-measured servings of ice cream are a brilliant way to reward yourself without overdoing it. Have a great sober weekend!


  2. 30 days, that’s fantastic! So happy for you, and so glad I am following your blog.

    Question for you… you mentioned a weight loss blog, but I am unclear if it’s this one, or you have separate blogs. I ask because I have 2 separate ones, and I would love for my weight loss blog to follow your weight loss blog! I decided it was finally time to stop complaining about my weight issues on my recovery blog, and I took the leap.

    If you have a different one, let me know!

    And again, so happy for you on your sobriety achievement. Looking forward to reading more and getting to know you better 🙂


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