Only 3 Days


I feel like I haven’t written a sober blog post in a long time. It’s been 3 days. I have been blogging daily but I have been using a different page for my sober weight loss. I’m finding so many ways that I’m battling the same issues in my head.

Throwing alcohol or throwing food at a problem has led me to not fix the problem and then feel shame afterwards. That was interesting.

This is what is working for me right now when I have non-sober thoughts. They are fairly low but I take them seriously and do NOT let my mind even put one little toe down that thinking path. This is the link to Patrick from Spiritual River with Say No to Alcoholic Cravings.

The focus on the weight loss is nice for my sobriety. It has become a hobby and is consuming my brain and getting me out of drinking thinking. I feel ‘super awesome’ with my sugars in check. I still eat an ice cream treat EVERY night! With my low blood sugar, the balanced diet during the day keeps my alcohol cravings lower as well. Especially during the long weekend days.

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