The Relapse Review


I was first upset that I couldn’t stay sober by writing a blog. Now I’m thankful. I get to go back and review what was working and triggers I should watch.

Work, dadgumit, is a trigger. Cleaning my house is not. Bummer.

Work less, clean more? I think not!

Efficiency, though, is the key to both.

Instead of hauling my laptop to all four offices this week, I left it. Got all my work entered in the planner and had a quiet day not doing busy work on the laptop. I felt great leaving the office.

My KonMari sorting at home is beginning to pay off. My goal of gutting my house by the end of summer will happen. I do not have the resentment of a crazy to-do list of cleaning when I get home. When I sit at night I truly relax.

Last time in sobriey, at this point I had gone to buy wine twice. The next time I went I bought it.

I’m grateful that I keep putting in the work of looking for my answer to stay sober. I can’t  stay sober for anyone else. This is for me. The more I learn about what makes me feel good, the more I do it. Being nice to myself equals more sober days.

Efficiency in work and cleaning mean less of both. Right now in my sober world I like doing a lot of nothing.

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