My 40 Day Treats


I decided to embrace ice cream. I have been having guilty thoughts about enjoying it. Through my diet I have been eating just one serving, but the thought of light ice cream just seemed pointless. So, when Mr. Schwan’s delivery man showed up he had my FOUR awesome new ice cream flavors! PLUS Bomb pops and cherry & lemon frozen ice flavors.

One serving of full fat bliss EVERY night!

  • Triple chocolate ice cream
  • Coffee & donuts ice cream
  • Strawberry lemonade ice cream
  • Orange sherbet/vanilla ice cream blend

I have changed from wine addiction to an outrageous ice cream addiction. I now scour all the frozen confections for the most exotic flavors. I used to walk past the ice cream aisle with great feelings of superiority. Now I am elbowing people out of the way to get some Chunky Monkey! And don’t even get me started Mr. Stephen Colbert with your AmeriCone Dream.

My boys are very pleased with my new obsession and are completely supportive. They hated me smelling of wine.  I hear no complaints when I hug them good night with ice cream breath 😉

2 thoughts on “My 40 Day Treats

  1. Oh, yeah!! A few years into my recovery I came up with a possible revelation (for me, anyways):
    “There are very few things in life that a pint of chocolate ice cream won’t fix.”
    And isn’t orange sherbet + vanilla ice cream just the BOMB?!
    Just don’t drink, today. Everything else is gravy.


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