Day 50 Treats


Besides the star stickers in my daily planner I needed to get some 50 day treats. It had been a rough time of it.

I made one kid, any kid, go to the big city (haha) with me. One very reluctuntly volunteered. The closest town that has a home improvement store is 45 minutes away. I knew I could not be alone again and needed the company.

I have been taking one kid shopping with me so I don’t get alcohol. And it was a good thing. By the time we ended our day getting groceries before heading home, we were both tired.

I stopped the cart and looked down the alcohol aisle. I swear they must keep those things dusted and polished. The whole aisle sparkled and glowed with beautiful colors. This is embarrassing, but I moaned out loud. It took all my strength to keep walking. The kid I was with would give me the most grief if I got alcohol and I knew it.

He was my safety net yesterday. Last Saturday, my other son was.

Sober Treats:

  • Coffee
  • Chocolates
  • Licorice (Twizzlers) – a must for the long car ride
  • Frozen fancy dinners – there is no such thing as “meatless” where I live. The “big city” has meatless and vegan food!

6 thoughts on “Day 50 Treats

  1. I agree about the wine bottles being polished. And why are the giant packs of beer always arranged in some sort of massive pyramid or various other geometric patterns? It all seems rather glorifying, doesn’t it? Nice job bringing the kiddo! Smart move, for sure :).

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