Some Action- Boom


I didn’t want to blog my feelings. But I forced myself to yesterday. Boom.

Afterwards, I took a walk and stopped at the vet to see when I could schedule the dog. They had 5 days open, the only 5 days this month that they had! I grabbed them. I went to work and told my boss that I will be gone those days. Boom.

Last night I ate  THREE ice cream servings! Boom.

I am holding on.

I am pushing hard to add more & different self-care/tools.

Sometimes when my teenager and I argue, then find out he is right and I’m not, and he feels vindicated, he uses that “Boom” on me. It is cute when he does it. I don’t know how it sounds from a middle aged mom, but

I tried to put some massive action behind my thoughts. It helped. Boom.

2 thoughts on “Some Action- Boom

  1. jimsdad

    I’m liking this. And identifying with it. Boom! Get Wrecked! Leave. Now! These Nuts? That’s going straight in my basket!
    These are only a few of the things I’m faced with, daily, and I understand precisely none of them. Boom! Hold on. You’re doing great.

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